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Tips for sensitive skin

Any type of skin can be sensitive at times. The signs of skin sensitivity vary from person to person, but if your skin is sensitive you may find it reacts poorly to certain makeup and skincare products. It might also change when the weather gets warmer or colder, and need different kinds of care at different times. Discover expert advice from La Roche-Posay on caring for sensitive skin.

What Type of Cleanser Should I Be Using?

Cleansing is a universal must for healthy-looking skin, but each skin type benefits from a different cleanser. From oily to acne-prone to dry to sensitive, find out which formula is right for you.
10 Feb 2022

Why Should I Care About My Skin's Microbiome?

Like the gut, skin has its very own ecosystem of commensal or friendly bacteria. Every day, these bacteria are revealing new and beneficial functions: one of the most interesting areas of research is the “cross-talk” between skin microbes and the immune system.
22 Jan 2021

Did you know: your skin has two protective barriers?

When skin lacks an effective barrier function, elements in the environment such as pollution or other aggressors can penetrate skin more easily and trigger irritation, setting off the annoying symptoms often associated with sensitive skin: tingling, itching, redness…
15 Jan 2021

Top 10 allergens… And tips to avoid them

Even if you are pretty clued up on your allergies and know the triggers that set off sneezing, watering eyes, asthma and wheezing, or simply bring you out in blotches, make sure you take a careful look at your daily routine.
01 Jan 2021
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