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How to wash your skin


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How to wash your skin

Pollution, UV rays, heat, cold, wind… The skin on your face is constantly exposed to external aggressors. Give it some extra TLC by cleansing it every morning and evening with a soft, hypoallergenic cleanser or makeup remover that has been clinically tested under dermatological control.

As for the skin on the rest of your body, swap out your classic shower body washes for ultra-gentle products that protect the skin barrier.

Make sure to rinse with warm water, as hot water causes more irritation, and to dry each body part with a soft towel without rubbing.

Expert advice

For a gentle cleansing routine, use a cleansing oil (fragrance- and essential oil-free), an extra-rich bar of soap or a soap-free syndet cleanser that respects the skin’s ideal pH of 5.5. Take quick showers instead of long, hot baths, which could dry out your skin and cause itchiness.

Gently dry your skin and delicate areas with a soft towel before applying a milk, cream or balm from the tips of your toes to your nape. Remember to also apply a repairing lip balm.

For a period of time, avoid shaving, using deodorants, perfumes and alcohol-based lotions, and chlorinated water, which could irritate your epidermis.

Your adapted care products


Massage this ultra-gentle face cleanser and makeup remover into your face in small circular motions with the tips of your fingers, then rinse with warm water or remove excess product with a cotton pad.

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Delicately massage this soap-free cleansing cream into the damp skin of your body, then lather, rinse with plenty of warm water, and finally, without rubbing, dry off with a soft towel.

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Apply this lipid-restoring cleansing oil in the shower, rinse with warm water, then, without rubbing, dry off with a soft towel.

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