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If you have skincare questions, we have answers. From acne, to eczema and sensitive skin, we are looking at some of the most common questions and associated myths, as well as providing dermatologist advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Eczema sessions

What is eczema?

Eczema describes multiple types of inflammatory skin condition. None are contagious, but one type is hereditary. Eczema is a skin condition that can affect small patches of your skin or your entire body and manifests in rough, irritated, red skin that itches and sometimes bleed. Though the symptoms are similar, don't confuse it with psoriasis! For more information on eczema, watch our DERMCLASS videos on how to treat eczema and what causes eczema to flare up.

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Acne sessions

How to prevent acne?

When it comes to acne, we all want the same thing, to get rid of it as fast as possible. People will try almost anything, toothpaste on pimples, popping pimples, avoiding greasy food. But does any of it really work? Watch our DERMCLASS Acne Sessions - featuring Beauty and Lifestyle influencer Samantha Jane and Board-certified Canadian dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll - to find out.

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Sensitive skin sessions

Why is my skin so itchy?

Apart from being painful and bothersome, itchy skin is also difficult to decode. There are many causes for itchy skin - dry winter weather and seasonal changes, allergies, sensitive skin, or even skin conditions such as eczema. The secret to finding the cause is through the process of elimination. Isolating the problem to a skincare product you have introduced to your routine, or a fabric that makes your skin go into inflammation mode will help you in avoiding them in the future and get rid of itchy skin once and for all. For more information on sensitive skin, watch our videos on how to get rid of swollen eyes and how to get rid of red skin.

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