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Tips for sun protection

UV rays can cause moles to appear and turn humdrum ones into cancerous lesions. Protecting your skin from the sun is your first line of defence against skin cancer.

Here’s how to decipher the terms on your sunscreen label

Let’s be honest: Sunscreen is probably not the most exciting part of your skincare routine, but it is the most important. Its main job is to protect you from damaging ultraviolet radiation, which accounts for up to 80% of visible signs of aging in the skin.
30 Jul 2021

Moles, the sun and skin cancer

A mole, also called a naevus, consists of a mass of brown-coloured cells that are generally found in the skin or mucus membranes.
09 Jul 2021

What is Mineral Tinted Sunscreen?

Learn why you should integrate mineral tinted sunscreen into your skincare routine. Your skin will look radiant while it’s being protected from UVA/UVB rays.
25 Jun 2021

Are you at high risk for cancer

Spending too much time in the sun without proper UV protection can increase your chances of developing skin cancer, but two people who spend an equal amount of time in the sun are not necessarily at equal risk.
04 Jun 2021
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