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6 common mistakes by acne sufferers

6 common mistakes by acne sufferers

Six of the most common reasons you just can't break free from those blemishes.
11 Sep 2020


Six of the most common reasons you just can't break free from those blemishes.

1. Believing beauty rumours

It's tempting to click on every single home-remedy β€˜miracle’ cure that social media tries to throw at you, but changing your skincare routine every three days to try the latest hyped product can leave your skin confused. It's as ineffective as yo-yo dieting; your body needs time to adjust and settle into a new routine. Plus, most of those beauty myths are just that anyway.While acne treatments can be extremely helpful and ingredients such as salicylic acid have a clinically proven efficacy against acne-related concerns, there is no such thing as an immediate and permanent solution. Consistency is key for lasting, visible results.

2. Ask a friend

While it's good to seek support from your friends, remember that everyone's skin is unique.Even if you have the same skin type, chances are you might have different skin concerns; in the same way that not everyone with sensitive skin suffers from redness and not everyone with dry skin suffers from skin irritation, not everyone with oily skin has constant acne breakouts. Maybe your skincare routine needs focus on small acne blemishes, maybe on cystic acne breakouts or maybe on acne scars and hyperpigmentation; the point is, just because one friend found a solution, doesn't mean it'll work for you. We're all different, so go and see your GP or a professional dermatologist, not your BFF.

3. Picking at spots

We know it's so hard to resist, but picking and scratching at blemishes can make them much, much worse. Not only do you risk spreading bacteria - worsening the blemish and causing more of them - but the damage to your skin could leave permanent acne scars. Avoid adding hyperpigmentation to the list of skin concerns you’ll have to deal with by keeping your hands away from your face, especially during a breakout. Instead, focus on maintaining your pores unclogged by using the right face cleanser.

4. Not cleansing properly

Cleansing needs to be taken seriously. If you suffer from acne, a regular face wash just won't cut it. A gel, cream-based or micellar wash tailored to your skin type should be applied twice a day. Combine a makeup remover with a skin cleanser to make sure that all types of residues are being washed away.

5. Not knowing your skin type

Speaking of skin you know yours? Many people make the mistake of thinking that all acne-prone skin is oily, but this isn't the case. Using the wrong products for your skin type could be exacerbating the acne. If you have sensitive skin, aggressive acne products with harsh formulas are certainly doing more harm than good, stripping away essential oils and leaving your skin even more prone to the effects of sensitivity.

6. Impatience

While a lone blemish can be treated overnight, a more serious situation will take more time. Think of your skin like your body: when it's sick, it needs time to recover while being treated. Stay patient, keep at it and you'll reap the rewards.

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