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Unlocking the power of Melasyl: A breakthrough molecule for dark spots

Hyperpigmentation, characterized by dark spots, age spots, and post-acne marks, is a common skin concern that affects many, impacting the overall appearance of the skin tone.
01 juil. 2022

Melasyl, a groundbreaking ingredient developed by L'Oréal and featured for the first time in La Roche-Posay's newest serum MELA B3, has emerged as a potent solution targeting these concerns. This ingredient, scientifically known as 2-mercaptonicotinoyl glycine (2-MNG), is designed to inhibit melanin synthesis, thereby preventing UV-induced immediate pigmentation and addressing localized pigmentation issues.

The efficacy of Melasyl, marks a significant advancement in the care of dark spots across all tones. La Roche-Posay tests and improves products for sensitive skin to even skin tone and treat dark spots effectively.

The science behind Melasyl

Delving into the scientific foundation of Melasyl, its efficacy in combating hyperpigmentation is supported by robust clinical evidence. A pivotal randomized controlled clinical study revealed that Melasyl not only prevents UV-induced skin darkening but also delays tanning in healthy subjects. This study showed that 2-MNG in Melasyl stops skin darkening caused by UV rays right away and over time.

Mechanism of action

  • Inhibition of melanin precursors: Melasyl operates uniquely by intercepting the precursors of melanin before their conversion into eumelanin and pheomelanin, the pigments responsible for skin coloration. This preemptive action prevents localized hyperpigmentation.
  • Superiority over other ingredients: Clinical tests have demonstrated Melasyl's superior performance in reducing pigmentation compared to well-known ingredients like kojic acid, arbutin, and hydroquinone. Its mode of action differs significantly as it does not merely inhibit tyrosinase, the enzyme involved in the production of melanin, but tackles the melanin precursors directly.

Comparative efficacy and inclusivity

  • Comparative analysis: A Bayesian network meta-analysis ranked 2-MNG 0.5% first for its immediate and lasting effects, outperforming 13 other reference substances in terms of anti-pigmentation efficacy.
  • Inclusivity and safety: The molecule is effective across all phototypes, ensuring no alteration to natural skin color, thus promoting inclusivity. Melasyl is also compatible with other skincare ingredients, enhancing its effectiveness in treating various pigmentary disorders without impacting the overall skin health.

This innovative approach not only addresses the symptoms of hyperpigmentation but tackles the root cause, ensuring long-lasting results and healthier skin.

How MELA B3 products work?

MELA B3, La Roche-Posay's newest serum featuring Melasyl, harnesses the power of Melasyl to address hyperpigmentation effectively. The core mechanism behind MELA B3's success lies in its innovative formulation:

  • Preventative action: Melasyl, the active ingredient in MELA B3, has been clinically proven to prevent UV-induced skin darkening and delay tanning, crucial for maintaining an even skin tone. This molecule acts rapidly, showing significant anti-pigmenting effects as part of a clinical protocol.
  • Concentration: Each MELA B3 serum is infused with 10% niacinamide, known for its properties to combat unwanted pigmentation. This high concentration enhances the serum’s ability to reduce the contrast between hyperpigmented spots and surrounding skin, particularly in individuals with Fitzpatrick skin types III to VI.
  • Clinical results: Extensive testing has shown remarkable outcomes. A 3-month study highlighted a 60% reduction in spot visibility by day 84, with a significant decrease in contrast observed as early as 56 days. Furthermore, 94% of the subjects reported a clinical reduction in dark spots after 12 weeks, underscoring the serum's efficacy.

MELA B3 is not just a treatment, but also a proactive way to address skin tone issues. It helps with hyperpigmentation, providing care and visible results for those who need it.

Benefits of Melasyl

Melasyl, the innovative ingredient in the MELA B3 range, offers multifaceted benefits for addressing hyperpigmentation across all skin tones. Here are the key benefits that underscore its effectiveness:

  • Comprehensive skin discoloration treatment: The MELA B3 Dark Spot Serum, enriched with Melasyl and niacinamide, targets a wide array of skin discolorations. It is proven to reduce the visibility of sunspots, age spots, post-acne marks, and even the most persistent dark spots, making it a versatile solution for anyone seeking an even skin tone.
  • Dual action - Protection and correction: The Anthelios Ultra-Fluid SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen not only moisturizes but also protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which are known to cause hyperpigmentation. At the same time, it reduces dark spots and helps keep skin healthy and looking good.
  • Proven efficacy across skin tones: Studies have demonstrated Melasyl's effectiveness on various skin phototypes. An eight-week clinical trial involving 75 individuals of diverse skin tones showed significant improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation, confirming its universal applicability and effectiveness. Furthermore, 86% of participants noted a noticeable lightening of hyperpigmented areas after consistent use over 12 weeks.

Melasyl helps skin stay healthy by preventing issues, not just fixing them.

Addressing hyperpigmentation

Addressing hyperpigmentation, which is sometimes caused by sun damage, effectively requires innovative solutions tailored to diverse skin needs. La Roche-Posay's MELA B3 range, featuring the groundbreaking Melasyl, offers two specialized products designed for this purpose:

  1. La Roche-Posay MELA B3 Dark Spot Serum:
    • Targeted discoloration correction: Enriched with Melasyl and 10% niacinamide, this serum is clinically proven to visibly reduce a wide array of skin discolorations including sun spots, age spots, post-acne marks, and persistent dark spots.
    • Suitability: Dermatologically tested, the serum is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, ensuring no one is left behind in the quest for an even skin tone.
  2. Anthelios Ultra-Fluid SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen
    • Dual benefits: This moisturizer not only hydrates but also provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection, crucial for preventing hyperpigmentation caused by the sun.
    • Enhanced with minerals: It contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, known for its natural soothing and antioxidant properties, enhancing skin cell health.

These products help treat and prevent dark spots on the skin, keeping it healthy and even-toned in the long run. Melasyl’s efficacy is particularly notable in treating various forms of hyperpigmentation across all skin tones, including challenging conditions like melasma and actinic lentigines.

How to integrate MELA B3 into your skincare routine?

Integrating the MELA B3 line into your daily skincare routine can be a seamless and effective way to combat hyperpigmentation, ensuring long-term benefits. Here’s a straightforward guide to using this innovative product line:

  1. Starting with Melasyl: Apply the La Roche-Posay MELA B3 Dark Spot Serum once or twice daily, focusing on the affected areas. Begin with a lower concentration of Melasyl to assess skin tolerance and gradually increase as your skin adapts. This method helps to minimize the risk of skin irritation, which can occur especially when used in high concentrations or over extended periods.
  2. Incorporating niacinamide: Niacinamide, a key ingredient in MELA B3, can be used in both daytime and nighttime routines. Start with a product that has a lower concentration of niacinamide (around 2%) to prevent irritation. As your skin adjusts, you can increase the concentration. This ingredient is well-tolerated and safe for all skin tones and is even suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  3. Sun protection and product synergy:
    • Sunscreen: Always apply a broad-spectrum SPF, such as La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+, during the day when using products containing Melasyl and niacinamide. These ingredients can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun.
    • Combining products: For optimal results, consider using other complementary products from La Roche-Posay, such as Hyalu B5 alongside the MELA B3 range. This combination enhances the overall hydration and provides a plump, healthier skin tone.

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate MELA B3 into your skincare regimen, addressing hyperpigmentation with a scientifically-backed, dermatologically-tested solution suitable for all skin tones.

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