What is My Skin Track UV?
How does the sensor work?
Why doesn’t the sensor need a battery?
How do I turn the sensor on/off?
How long will the sensor last?
How do I charge the sensor?
What types of phones is the sensor compatible with?
How do I know if my phone is NFC-enabled?
Will the sensor ever be compatible with older models of phones?
My phone is not NFC-enabled. Can I use the sensor any other way?
Does the sensor work on tablets?
Does the sensor work on the Apple watch?
When and how frequently should I scan the sensor?
Can multiple people use the same sensor?
How do I scan the sensor with my phone?
Can I scan the sensor with a case on my phone?
How and where should I wear the sensor?
How do I know if the sensor if working or not?
Can I put sunscreen on my sensor?

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